Youth Director

Purpose Statement

Missionary Ministry

Purpose Statement

Pastor's Aide Ministry

Purpose Statement
To support the Pastor and his family in promoting Spiritual growth within them and the Church family.
  1. We promise to support them
  2. To pray for the pastor daily
  3. To promote education within the pastor
  4. To provide the pastor with the tools needed
  5. To keep the pastor's study supplied
  6. To help with planning & support of functions
  7. To provide help with the pulpit

Deacon Ministry

Purpose Statement
To do the work of a spirit-filled deacon to walk in fellowship with God
  1. Spending time in prayer daily
  2. Spending time in God's Word
  3. Talking & proclaiming His Word
  4. To be responsive to God's call
  5. To see that every member know that we care and are concerned about them.
  6. Know the word for ourselves, so that we able able to give them a word to uplift them
  7. Lead the lost to Christ
  8. Give them an answer to our Baptist Faith.

Sunday School Ministry

Purpose Statement

Library Ministry

Purpose Statement
To provide resources to help strengthen spiritual growth, increase faith, and to help deepen understanding, interpretation, and application of scripture.
  1. Provide accessible space for Christian reading and listening materials.
  2. Provide inspirational and recreational materials for all ages

Tape Ministry

Purpose Statement

Usher's Ministry

Purpose Statement

Environmental Service Ministry

Purpose Statement
To maintain cleanliness in all areas of the facility.

Membership Ministry

Purpose Statement

Children's Church Ministry

Purpose Statement
With the help of the Church, goals and objectives are being set in order to create a fun and enhanced Christian learning environment for today's children.

Healthy Living Ministry

Purpose Statement
To educate, promote healthy lifestyle, and create awareness to the people of Wyatt's Chapel and the surrounding community.

To achieve our purpose through health screening and symposiums, monthly health topics, and delivery of educational material.

Newsletter Ministry

Called "The Witness", a medium used by the church to share information among members.


Dance Ministry

Purpose Statement
Our purpose is to impart and administer God's WORD through the Ministry of Dance. Throughout scripture, dance is linked to life, freedom, salvation and victory over the enemy. Dance is a tool used to convey that power of the WORD to bring salvation to the afflicted and freedom to those who were bound through the physical movements of worshiping and praising GOD humbly in spirit and in truth.

Our mission is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and the living WORD through movement. We are the WORD in MOTION.

Music Ministry

Exists to lead the congregation in worship through song and praise. We strive to demonstrate God's love through our musical outreach to the congregation. We strive to meet the diverse needs of God's people by providing an eclectic approach to the music.

L.O.V.E Ministry (Ladies of Virtue)

Mission Statement:
Developing young women to make a difference in their church, homes, community, in the market place, and the world.